Welcome to the Iberian Photography Circuit.
The term Iberian art refers to the artistic style of the Iberian people, settled in the Iberian Peninsula. The best preserved manifestations are sculptures made ​​of stone and bronze. The Iberians were the people living on the Iberian peninsula, and there are references to them at least from the sixth century B.C.
This project originates from the concern of various international salons who decide to join their efforts to achieve an international impact of their asociations, all of them stablished currently in Iberia.
Guadalajara , Berga , Vilanova i la Getrú and Antequera are the places represented in this circuit, and we want to promote through the culture, especifically through photography, that besides being an artistic discipline, is invaluable to document our history, history of our people and our society.
Each one of the Salons have arrived through different roads (even Berga creates a Salon for the occasion) but we are all united by the passion for photography and we hope this arrives to be a circuit of reference.
We welcome you to the Iberian Photography Circuit and encourage you to participate and enjoy together this art.
Iberian Photographic Circuit
circuito fotográfico, concurso fotográfico Iberico


salón internacional 59 aniversario Agrupación Fotográfica de Guadalajara

VII Salón Internacional 66 aniversario afG

certamen fotográfico internacional El trabajo y los oficios

XXXIV Certamen Fotográfico Internacional “El trabajo y los oficios”

Salón Internacional de Berga Tirabol 2018

VII Salón Internacional de Berga “Tirabol 2022”

Salón Fotográfico Internaciona de Antequera