Agrupación Fotográfica Antequerana "AFA"

Agrupación Fotográfica Antequerana "AFA"

First International Photographic Exhibition of Antequera

This venue is organized and supported by the Photographic Association of Antequera (AFA). This association was founded in 1995 by the need to obtain a decent space for photography in the city of Antequera, in order to disseminate photography in all its aspects : through workshops, meetings, social gatherings and all activities and events that bring something to the photography. The most important feature of "AFA" is the activity promoted and carried out by its partners, who have maintained a permanent schedule of photographic activities in the city of Antequera during the last 22 years.

The organization of competitions has been one of the most constant activities of AFA : social, local and national competitions are part of its main activities over the years; always carried out with seriousness and respecting the ethical principles in defense of the participants. The result of this work is the National Photography Contest "El Ojo de Antequera", which is currently considered one of the most important national competitions.

The International Photographic Exhibition of Antequera appears as the logical evolution demanded by photography of Antequera, since the recognition of the "Dólmenes" as a World Humanity Heritage Site and the internationalisation that this implies for the city of Antequera, demand the realisation of cultural activities at international level. This venue, born as a result of this recognition, has the institutional support of the city council and in this edition, it will grant a special prizeto the best photography on the theme of "Dolmens and prehistory".

Alfredo Sotelo Matos, PRESIDENT OF AFA